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Healthy cycles bloom thriving lives!

Sacred Lotus exists to restore the joy, ceremony and ritual to our moon cycle and our connection to creation.




True wealth is in your health so take care of yourself. For centuries, women around the world have used herbs both medicinally and to connect with our feminine essence.

Yoni steaming, i.e. Vaginal steaming, is a self-health practice to support your healthy menstrual cycle, fertility, postpartum and cleansing, and relief of stress, tension and stagnation by increasing circulation and energy flow.

Sacred lotus is for all women who desire peak uterine wellness and harmony with their inner woman.

It is our divine pleasure to offer  herbs of the highest quality for your steam experience, wildcrafted when available!

Other Benefits Include:

menstrual pain & symptoms - infertility - U.T.I. & yeast infection - menopause - reproductive adhesion - endometriosis - fortify against cancer - enviromental detox - fibroids & ovarian cysts - reignite sensual passion - uterine irregularity -  irregular cycles - uterine prolapse - P.C.O.S. - trauma release - womb cleansing.