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Sacred Lotus exists to restore the joy, ceremony and ritual to our moon cycle and our connection to creation. 

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True wealth is in our health - so let’s take care of ourselves. For centuries, women around the world have cultivated the healing powers of herbs both medicinally and to connect with our feminine essence.

Yoni steaming, i.e. Vaginal steaming, is a self-health practice to restore health and balance your physical feminine cycles, ease the transition through life phases, unlock the intimate magic of your womb, and release toxic emotions such as stress, tension and stagnation.

Sacred Lotus is for all “wombyn” who desire physical wellness through natural herbal medicine and harmony with their inner woman.

It is our divine pleasure to offer organic and wild-crafted herbs for your yoni steam practice, handcrafted in small batches and set with intention for your highest healing in the California Sunshine.                                                                               

Other Benefits Include:                  

  • Menstrual Pain & PMS

  • Fertility

  • PCOS & Endometriosis

  • Postpartum Healing

  • Irregular / Missing Menstrual Cycles

  • Trauma Release

  • Ovarian Cysts / Fibroids

  • UTI / Yeast Infections

  • Environment Detox

  • Stronger & More Frequent Orgasms

  • Menopause Transition

  • Womb Cleansing

  • Reproductive Adhesion

  • Increase Libido & Reignite Sensual Passion

  • Uterine Irregularity & Prolapse

  • Deepen Connection to Your Feminine Essence & Gaia

To All Sisters It is Not always a good time to Yoni Steam! 

When to Not Yoni Steam, Please read the Disclaimer.