Yoni Steam Ceremonial Flow Skirt

Yoni Steam Ceremonial Flow Skirt


Self-Love begins here… adorning your body temple in your yoni steam ritual sends a crystal clear message to your feminine spirit. I love mySelf. I respect mySelf. I honor my connection to Gaia. My ritual is Sacred to me.

While I harness the healing power of medicinal herbs from the earth to heal my body, I am witness to a transformation within mySelf through the Ceremony I create to heal and rediscover my Inner truth. My ritual is as silly or sacred as I choose it to be. And I have the right skirt for whatever intention I am setting :)

ONE SIZE FITS ALL (Trust Me, it’s True!)


To use in yoni steam ritual: There are two layers to the skirt. The outside layer is ankle length and flowy. The inside layer goes to about the knees depending in your height. When DIY yoni steaming with a yoni pot in kneeling position or Childs pose, lift the second layer above you bum and spread the bottom of the skirt around your knees.

Visit our HOW TO Yoni Steam video for the visual explanation:


Made in Israel and lovingly brought to the USA by suitcase.

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