PLEASURE WHIP - Sensual Aphrodesiac Body Butter

PLEASURE WHIP - Sensual Aphrodesiac Body Butter

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Some Whip with your Pleasure…

Have you ever needed a little support dialing into your self or partner pleasure experience? Sometimes we are in the mood yet not naturally lubricating. Other times we have so much tension and stress that we just can’t seem to relax enough to get in the mood.

For those who desire to explore sensuality and capacity to heal through orgasmic bliss, and are learning to embrace ourSelves, expand spiritually and manifest abundance through the sacred channels of our body.

For those who have experienced trauma and desire to release the imprinted memory of past experiences and/or lovers from our tissues and organs.

Pleasure Whip is a luscious, hand-crafted and organic balm from Bliss Mob Medicinals that when ignited by our body heat activates the metamorphic element of fire! Pleasure Whip deliciously melts into an oil when applied for lubrication support and heightened sensation to our most sacred spaces.

Blended with aphrodisiac herbs, magical Peruvian cacao and homegrown CBD hemp, Pleasure Whip induces feelings of love and connection by tuning your body to the frequency of ecstatic bliss.

For internal/external consensual use in solo or partner play and lovemaking.

Pleasure Whip can be purchased solo or with a Crystal G-Spot Pleasure Wand at a special discount.

Please choose which Pleasure Whip and type of Crystal you desire in the drop down. You can read full descriptions of the metaphysical properties of the crystals on their pages.

***Peruvian Cacao is an ingredient that we forgot to print on the label!

Bliss Mob Medicinals is the love offering of a dear friend of mine based out of Southwest Colorado. She grows the CBD hemp herself, brought the cacao back from Peru, and sustainably sourced all organic Aphrodesiac herbs in the butter. Her offering is hand-made in small batches and heart-based. Sacred Lotus fully backs the integrity of this sensual love inducing yumminess!

Pleasure Whip:
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