Womb Wisdom Consultation - Intuitive Coaching

Womb Wisdom Consultation - Intuitive Coaching


How do I access the wisdom of my womb? How do I listen to the voice of my inner wombyn and trust my intuition? How do I break free from the invisible chains that are keeping me from realizing my full potential and stepping into the Priestess, Goddess, Medicine Wombyn, Activated and Empowered ME that I see in my highest moments and dreams?

Do you desire to set your SELF free and release toxic and negative emotions - all that does not serve your highest good - from your body, mind and spirit… clearing the path to plant new seeds of joy, prosperity and unconditional love in the garden of your womb without looking back?

Sometimes all it takes is one session to get clear on exactly what you want and don’t want so you can become a clear energetic channel to call in exactly what you desire and release all the rest.

Sabrina journeys with you in activating your life-giving power center - your womb temple - through womb wisdom transmissions guided by source energy to unlock the magic of your womb and open the red gates of your feminine essence.

Sabrina Vedete is the Co-Founder of Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam, a Certified Vaginal Steam Therapist and is currently obtaining her Peristeam Hydrotherapist Certification.

She shares Womb Wisdom Transmissions, Yoga Soul Medicine and Youth Empowerment & Mentorship Initiatives with her non-profit org across California, Oregon, New York and Central America. She is honored to share ancient wisdom with wombyn in ritual; revealing how to unlock the codes of our feminine intuition and restore balance to our health with the herbal medicine practice of yoni steaming and yoni egg crystal guidance. She studies the phases of our menstrual cycle, fertility solutions, feminine archetypes, tantric dance with wise teachers and embodies the work through her own daily rituals and connection to her womb space. She is an intuitive coach who has guided sistars towards successful pregnancies, connection to nature and releasing that which does not serve to plant the seeds for our deepest desires to blossom and manifest. Sabina Vedete is inspired by Nature, Children and Mystery. To Your Highest Healing! Blessed Love. ️

Services: $60 for 60 minutes.

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