Smudge Sticks -Handcrafted

Smudge Sticks -Handcrafted


Ethnically harvested White Sage (Salvia apiana),  French Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) and  Bayabas aka- Guava Leaves (Psidium quajava). 

Hand-crafted smudge wand used to practice the ancient practice of burning sacred herbs to set intentions, create a sacred space and energetically clear oneself to promote grounded balance. White sage is a honored herb of the First Nations used for negative energy cleansing and sending prayer by smoke. Guava leaves known as Bayabas in the Philippines have been traditional used by plant medicine healers for spiritual cleansing for ceremonial purposes or physical healing. Lavender is combined with these powerful energy clearing herbs to call in the magical energy of attracting peace and harmony to uplift the spirit. 

About Earth Spirit Alchemy:
Amor is a spiritual and herbal alchemist that weaves the colorful tapestry of holistic healing to guide individuals into living a life connected to nature's wisdom. She walks between realms reconnecting to ancient rituals, indigenous knowledge of her Filipino lineage and the magic of plant and animal medicine. She is a certified herbalist and owner of Earth Spirit Alchemy that creates hand-crafted herbal remedies and sacred divination tools to promote a deep connection to Self and Source. 

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