GREEN AVENTURINE - G Spot Pleasure Wand - GIA Certified

GREEN AVENTURINE - G Spot Pleasure Wand - GIA Certified



Our luxurious Green Aventurine G-Spot Pleasure Wands are handmade with care for conscious goddesses who want to honor and explore their sexuality, while healing from the inside out through the act of sacred self pleasure.

G-Spot Pleasure Wands are similar to other dildos or insertable toys - yet without the harm silicone and motors can cause your sensitive erogenous zones through too much mechanical stimulation over time. Use yours to massage the yoni and erogenous areas of both yourself and your partner.

Green Aventurine is the crystal of opportunity, she is the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting prosperity, wealth and success in all areas of life. She balances blood pressure, metabolism and is anti-inflammatory, making a solid ally for dealing with stressful circumstances. Green Aventurine loosens and releases negativity and energy blockages, increasing creativity, perception and intelligence.

You may resonate with this crystal if you are:

- Calling in abundance and the ability to learn how to maintain the even balance and flow of your blessings

- Birthing new projects, new/reignited love and relations to prosper

- Regenerate your body on a cellular level

-Manifesting through Orgasm

Those who choose a Pleasure Wand are interested in exploring their capacity to heal themselves and others through their own liberation, and are learning to embrace their sexuality and expand their spiritual practice and abundance manifestation.

Pleasure Wands are powerful manifestors of our life intentions - those that live in both our conscious and subconscious dreams. Breathing deeply while envisioning our desires coming true while massaging your most sacred and intimate places is a powerful and effective practice.

Feeling saucy and a bit lavish? Experiment with heat and ice to elevate your self pleasure. Warm or cool your wand (in a bowl of hot or ice water) before playing.


SIZE: 4.75" Long X .75" Wide

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Gently wash the wand with warm water and chemical free soap (or vinegar) when your G-spot Wand first arrives, to make sure it is physically cleansed and ready to use.

It is recommended that you also energetically cleanse the wand using the method of your choice. This clears any energies left from packaging and shipping and allows you to connect with your crystal wand and set your intentions for itโ€™s use. There are many different ways to cleanse crystals, I recommend a salt water bath, sound or energy clearing, smudging, or bathing your crystal wand in the light of the full moon.

Always wash with a mild, ph balanced soap (or vinegar) and plenty of clean, warm water after each use of your G-Spot Wand, and keep it in a sacred space in your room that is appropriate for such a beautiful and powerful healing tool.