Rose Quartz- G Spot Wand

Rose Quartz- G Spot Wand


These luxurious Rose Quartz G-Spot Wands are made with care for conscious goddesses who want to honor and explore their sexuality, while healing from the inside out through the act of sacred self pleasure.

Those who choose a crystal G-Spot wand are interested in healing and embracing their sexuality and spirituality, and G-spot Wands provide a tangible and beautiful way to anchor this intention into our everyday lives.  It can be very healing to mentally recite your chosen affirmation while breathing deeply and massaging your most sacred and intimate places.

Experiment with temperatures to bring a new element to your sacred self pleasure.  Warm or cool the wand (in a bowl of hot or ice water) before playing, if you are feeling adventurous.


Rose Quartz: Known to must cultures as the stone of love and romance. The feminine essence of Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra, calms and clears the emotional body, and releases stress, anger, tension and fear. Enhancing our ability to experience compassion for others, Rose Quartz heals imbalances of the heart and reprograms our cells for joy and longevity.


Gently wash the wand with warm water and natural soap (or vinegar) when your G-spot Wand, to make sure it is physically cleansed and ready to use.

It is recommended that you also energetically cleanse the wand using the method of your choice. This clears any energies left from packaging and shipping and allows you to connect with your crystal wand and set your intentions for it’s use.  There are many different ways to cleanse crystals, I recommend a salt water bath, sound or energy clearing, smudging, or bathing your crystal wand in the light of the full moon.

Keep it in a sacred space in your room that is appropriate for such a beautiful and powerful healing tool.

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