Menstrual Cycle Analysis, Yoni Steam Protocol and Custom Blend

Menstrual Cycle Analysis, Yoni Steam Protocol and Custom Blend



Cramps? Brown Blood? Missing/Irregular Cycles? Spotting? Birth Control? PMS? Infertility? Perimenopause? Loss of Libido? Strange Smells? Infection? Cysts/Fibroids? Discharge? Heavy Bleeding? Two Periods in 1 Month? And More!

If any of these imbalances apply to you - including imbalances I do not have listed - you are not alone.

Unfortunately we live in a society that does not empower us with knowledge about our menstrual cycle and what is going on with our blood. A healthy cycle comes every 28 days with 4-5 days of fresh red blood. No extreme pain, cramping, PMS, No spotting, no clots, no brown blood, no double periods, etc.

Many women who experience abnormalities in their cycles are told by their doctor that “this is normal for your body.” I am here to share with you that “your normal” is not healthy. I am also here to share with you that we can restore health and balance to your menstrual cycle through a consistent herbal yoni steam practice with the correct medicinal herbs, lifestyle/diet changes and in some cases acupuncture is also needed to open/close your meridian system.

We begin the journey to healing with a Menstrual Cycle Analysis taken over the phone. In this analysis, we can go as far back as six months to determine where the imbalances have begun and/or have evolved over time (It’s ok if you are not currently bleeding, we have answers for that as well). We go through a detailed consultation in which you answer questions related to your blood quality, cycle length, flow strength, menses colors, PMS symptoms, period care, discharge and more.

After the analysis, I will be able to determine what imbalances you are experiencing - from uterine fatigue to stagnation to blood deficiency to dampness and more.

I will formulate a Custom Medicinal Herbal Yoni Steam Blend that directly correlates to begin healing the imbalances you are experiencing. This is very important to understand that not all herbs have the same purpose. If you steam with the wrong herbs you can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

I will prescribe you with a Yoni Steam Protocol for the month. For example, to steam on days 4-6 of the month and then days 21-23 of the month. To steam for 10 minutes or 30 minutes at a time.

Price Exchange Breakdown:

($60) Menstrual Cycle Analysis & Yoni Steam Protocol - 60 minute phone call

($30) Custom Blend of Medicinal Herbs & Yoni Steam Protocol

I wish you many blessings on your healing journey to reclaiming your health and wellness using the healing power of plant medicine and releasing the dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary surgeries!

xoxSabrina Vedete

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