HOME DELIVERY - Yoni Steam Subscription

HOME DELIVERY - Yoni Steam Subscription

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A consistent practice yields life-changing results. When you commit to a consistent yoni steam practice, steaming 2 -3 times per month, you will quickly notice changes in your menstrual cycle, physical womb and emotional state. Yoni steaming is a self-health, self-love practice that will restore balance and wholeness to your feminine cycles as long as you set aside the time to give yourself the gift of medicinal herbs and sacred self-care. A DIY at-home yoni steam typically lasts between 10 - 30 minutes. YES, busy bees, mamas, workaholics, visionaries, travelers, over-committed wonder wombyn… you DO have the time to love your body temple once a week for under an hour.

All you have to do is SAY YES TO YOUR SELF and the rest will unfold as if by magic.

We value and honor your commitment to your womb and feminine essence. When you sign up for our Home Delivery Yoni Steam Subscription of any of our herbal blends - even a Custom Blend - we will ship you a discounted 3 steam pouch monthly until you tell us not to :)

A home delivery subscription is our way of supporting you to remain accountable for yoni steaming weekly (EXCEPT WHEN ON YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE). That’s why there are 3 steams per pouch.

Receiving your monthly home delivery takes the energy out of having to remember to order in a timely manner to retain your consistent practice. This is especially potent for wombyn who are seeking to truly transform their health and receive the true physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoni steaming. Think of it like taking a vitamin/supplement. We all know that if we take Vitamin C once it will strengthen our immune system for a day or two, yet if we take it regularly it will fortify our immune system long-term and protect us from getting run down from our environment.

Allow us to support you in your wellness goals and keep you on track with your self-health, self-love ritual. 

 Handcrafted in Venice Beach, California



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