Yoni Steam Disclaimer



To All Sisters It is NOT always a good time to Yoni Steam! 

When to Not Yoni Steam:

When you are currently pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

When you are currently on your menstrual cycle.

When you have 2 menstrual cycles in a 30 day period.

The 13 Moon Blend contains 3 herbs not recommended for breastfeeding: Mugwort, Don Quai & Black Cohosh. Please refer to Sacred Lotus for a blend safe for breastfeeding. 

If you have an IUD:

You may only steam for 10 minutes (on a timer) with light clothing and without an electric burner

Do NOT use the pot you boiled the herbs in to steam. Transfer the steamy water and herbs into a heat safe glass or ceramic bowl. Do NOT use tin or plastic. 

Make sure to TEST the steam before kneeling / squatting over the yoni pot to avoid burning yourself.

Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam may be used alternatively and safely:

1. Tea

2. Infusion

3. Bath 

Watch our Sacred Lotus โ€œHow To Yoni Steamโ€ video for complete instructions.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to reach so many Medicine Wombyn across the nation in the @goddessprovisions  Sacred Womb Wisdom June subscription box! If you have any questions / concerns, please message us!