Yoni Steam Disclaimer



To All Sisters It is NOT always a good time to Yoni Steam! 

When to Not Yoni Steam:

When you are currently pregnant or think you may be pregnant.

When you are currently on your menstrual cycle.

When you have 2 menstrual cycles in a 30 day period.

The 13 Moon Blend contains 3 herbs not recommended for breastfeeding: Mugwort, Don Quai & Black Cohosh. Please refer to Sacred Lotus for a blend safe for breastfeeding. 

If you have an IUD:

You may only steam for 10 minutes (on a timer) with light clothing and without an electric burner

Do NOT use the pot you boiled the herbs in to steam. Transfer the steamy water and herbs into a heat safe glass or ceramic bowl. Do NOT use tin or plastic. 

Make sure to TEST the steam before kneeling / squatting over the yoni pot to avoid burning yourself.

Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam may be used alternatively and safely:

1. Tea

2. Infusion

3. Bath 

Watch our Sacred Lotus “How To Yoni Steam” video for complete instructions.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to reach so many Medicine Wombyn across the nation in the @goddessprovisions  Sacred Womb Wisdom June subscription box! If you have any questions / concerns, please message us!