What Does a Yoni Steam Actually do?

Today a wombyn asked me: “So, what does a yoni steam actually do?”
Sisters, this self health ritual has been practiced for thousands of years by wombyn across the planet. Yoni steaming is an Herbal Medicine practice that supports the healing of feminine imbalances including:
- Menstrual Pain & PMS - Menopause Symptoms
- Restoring Irregular Menstrual Cycle
- P.C.O.S.
(loss of cycle, bleed too much/too little)
- Postpartum Healing - Infertilit
- Environmental Detox - Endometriosis
- Trauma Release
- UTI & Yeast Infection
- Uterine Prolapse & Irregularity
- Fibroids & Ovarian Cysts
- Fortify against Cancer
- Reignite Libido & Sensual Passio
- Reproductive Adhesion
- Healing from Surgical Scars
- Womb Cleansing
If you have been experiencing challenges with any of these imbalances or simply #desire to connect with your feminine essence and support the thriving of your #precious life giving center and galactic portal to your deepest sensuality and self knowing, this practice is for you💕 *