Yoni Steaming for miscarriage


How can yoni steaming support my full recovery from miscarriage and restore balance to my body and menstrual cycle? 

If you have felt scared and lonely after a miscarriage, you are not alone. If you have felt that the options medical doctors have offered you to clear out the pregnancy were invasive and potentially harmful, you are not alone.


“Whether a miscarriage is natural or medically assisted, old tissue commonly remains in the uterus. In this case the miscarriage is incomplete. Signs of an incomplete miscarriage would include ongoing cramping, missing periods or heavy-clotted periods.” -Keli Garza


Herbal yoni steaming is a practice wombyn have used for thousands of years to clean out the uterus and support miscarriage recovery. 

How it works:

-Volatile oils from the herbs & healing steam relax the muscles supporting the uterus to release stuck tissue -Heat from the steam increases blood circulation which improves uterus self-cleansing functions 

Sisters, you have natural options. If you desire to learn more on protocol for yoni steaming for miscarriage with Sacred Lotus herbs please DM me.


Thank you to Keli Garza whose women’s health research has been the foundation of this post. 

Artwork by the Beloved and Talented Visionary @amandasageart