Solstice Blessings


MAGiCK WOmB WiSDoM on thE eVe of WiNTeR SoULsTiCe... As wombyn our physical bodies are naturally attuned to the rhythm of our tides, the phases of our moon, the cycle of our seasons as we move through our menstrual cycle... When we tune into our body and listen, we can feel the whispers of the Goddess Archetypes... Charting your cycle is an empowering mystical way to call upon these feminine archetypes and channel the energy of the lunar cycle... 

FULL MOON of OVULATION phase... Mother of Summer drops #seeds of intention to plant our #dreams and desires

WANING MOON of LUTEAL phase ... Autumn’s Enchantress sees raw, juicy, sensual spirit flow through every cell of our body as leaves fall and we transform 

NEW MOON of MENSTRUAL phase ... wise healer Crone of Winter, she bleeds our life-force as a monthly #death

WAXING MOON of FOLLICULAR phase ... rebirth of our innocent and youthful #Maiden of Springtime singing the joy of new beginnings 

WHO aRe YoU CaLLinG in ToNitE?