Welcome to Sacred Lotus Affiliated!

Do you feel called to share the incredible healing benefits of yoni steaming with medicinal herbs and don’t know where to start?

We are here to guide your journey, provide you with herbs and crystals for your clientele, and support your personal practice with discounts and store credit. Higher tiers create an opportunity for you to earn an income as well. Please send us a message to learn how we can support each other and share yoni magic and ritual together

Sacred Lotus Affiliated:

15% off to everyone you share your personal promo code with. Limited to Herbal Yoni Steams & Yoni Egg Crystals.

25% off Yoni Steaming Herbs for your personal practice.

15% off Yoni Egg Crystals for your personal practice after you complete your first three referrals

Affiliate Tiers:

Tier 1 (3-15 code uses)

Medixine Wombyn: earn 5% store credit for each referral purchase.

Tier 2 (15-50+ code uses)

Sourceress: earn 10% store credit for each referral purchase.

Tier 3 (50+ code uses)

Temple Priestess: earn residual income through a percentage of each referral purchase.

Free gifts & Incentives along the way!!

***Offers are not applicable with other discounts.***

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